Penetration test

Pentest (Penetration test) is a method of assessing the strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s security systems. In the Pentest, a simulated attack using hackers’ methods is used to make these evaluations. Such methods include exploitation of IT infrastructure vulnerabilities, social engineering, and exploitation of weaknesses in administrative processes or corporate policies. Our Pentest is handled by certified specialists in accordance with international standards and methodologies. Based on the Pentest results, recommend mitigation strategies can be implemented as necessary.  We provide Pentest for small, medium, and large companies.

Penetration tests result:

  • Assessment of staff proficiency in terms of incident response.
  • A rationale for improvement of an organization’s security system.
  • Potential threats classification.
  • Revealing of information system vulnerabilities, which couldn’t be found by automated tools.
  • Evaluation of the potential impact of hackers’ attacks on IT infrastructure and business in general.
  • Guidelines for security improvement for IT infrastructure elements and business processes with criticality level assessment.

Paloalto products-based services

Our qualified team can provide next services:

  • PoC conducting (Free of charge) 
  • ZTNA design and implementation.
  • SecOps consulting
  • Products first line local support