Generating Value by Defeating Hackers

We are a team of cybersecurity professionals.

On the leading edge of information security trends. We protect your business with the best available methods and technologies.    

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Penetration Test

We simulate cyber incidents using hackers’ tools and methods, aimed at identifying infrastructure weaknesses and business vulnerabilities. Find out more...

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Security Solutions Implementation

We implement best-in-class solutions for network security and end-point security, as well as access and identity management. RMRF’s partners include Palo Alto Networks, Imperva, and One Identity – some of the best vendors in the field. Find out more...

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Digital Forensics

We investigate cyber incidents, recovering and analyzing material on software and hardware. Find out more...


a distributed deception platform

  • Lures cyberthreat

  • Analyzes threat activity

  • Alerts cybersecurity team

  • Helps to prevent a threat

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Information Security Lifecycle

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Our services are applied on all the stage of your information security lifecycle. Have some special requirements? Want to know how to solve your security problems?

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RMRF Advantages

We are located in Ukraine,

the global epicenter of the cyber war, always staying on the alert, adopting the latest cybersecurity defenses.

We are authorized partners

of top vendors with appropriate certifications.

30+ years of combined experience

in cybersecurity with a track record at both local and international businesses.



We are up-to-date

with the latest technologies and global infosec trends.

We provide automation

for your IT and infosec services.

We are on the edge

Among RMRF's  achievements there are new cyberthreats discovery as well as early detection of 0-day attacks.

Our partners

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