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We are the RMRF cybersecurity company. Our team consists of cyber researchers and engineers. We develop unique threat detection technologies. Our deception solution, called "The LABIRINT", provides an illusion of a real infrastructure to the attacker. It's based on Point - the smart imitation hosts. Each part of the mimic environment reproduces services and content of a real network segment. LABIRINT provokes the attacker for actions and learns the suspicious activity at the same time. Our experienced professionals are helping to construct the best LABIRINT for complex environments. Its features give powerful capabilities to detect targeted Advanced Persistent Threats, BOTNETS, 0-day Attacks and Insiders.

Early Threat Detection

Each Point detects any targeted suspicious activity. When an attacker is trying to get his/her virtual target, the LABIRINT gathers all the details about him/her. The Company at attack receives information about the threat's sources, the instruments used and vulnerabilities exploited. At the same time, all real assets work without any impact.

Flexible Adaptation

Each Point mimics the content and services that are relevant to their environment segments. The advanced networking features provide capabilities to dynamically build new paths in the LABIRINT. Special lures keep the attacker inside the LABIRINT until all the necessary information is gathered.

Incident Response & Forensics

LABIRINT provides an intelligent analytics instrument for incident investigation and threat identification. All gathered events are enriched with necessary security data from RMRF Deception Unit. Indicators of Compromise generated by the LABIRINT automatically synchronize to Threat Prevention Solutions.



Special lures keep the attacker's interest until the LABIRINT gathers all necessary information about him/her


Mimic device attracts reconnaissance activities by typical vulnerabilities and misconfiguration


New network data provokes the attacker to continue his/her attack


Special content lures placed on different resources will reveal the insider

Operating System

Virtual environment detects all possible hacking tools


We provide flexible deception instruments

The LABIRINT Map includes many automatic Deception Paths based on the environment information and regular updates from the RMRF Deception Unit. Some of the paths can be adopted manually via the Management Interface. It gives companies a powerful instrument to develop their own unique LABIRINT with global experience.

Step 1

Scan Infrastructure to get best Map recommendations

Step 2

Connect Points and configure the LABIRINT Paths

Step 3

Deploy the configured LABIRINT Map

Step 4

Investigate Incidents

Use Cases

We are here for you

The RMRF cybersecurity specialists are constantly working on finding/revealing new threats. During the threat analysis, new malicious metrics are found. After that we develop new LABIRINT Paths to deceive the threat's activity. Each LABIRINT regularly updates its Map with new Paths and provides the best threat deception capabilities without any impact on the real infrastructure. The RMRF Deception Unit provides advanced services to develop the LABIRINT in complex environments or for special industry needs such as IoT or SCADA.


A Company deploys the LABIRINT in standard infrastructure segments. The 1st part of Points imitates Access Layer services. The 2nd part mimics core operational services and devices. The 3rd part deceives suspicious internet connections working as part of web resources. As a result, the Company covers all broadcast ways, which gives it the ability to lure a threat as soon as it starts the earliest stage of its activity.

Retail Company

A Company deploys the 1st part of Points as copies of real devices and infrastructure services. The 2nd part of Points mimics real business assets with real time content synchronization. The Adaptation feature keeps an attacker in the LABIRINT – away from the real target. Therefore, the LABIRINT is able to identify targeted Advanced Persistent Threat at any stage.


Due to the necessity to provide high quality services for its customers, each company needs a solution to detect global threats as DDOS, BOTNETS, RANSOMWARE etc. at the earliest stage. A Company deploys the LABIRINT in various customer network segments. An automated incident response enriches the Company's cybersecurity control systems with new dynamically extracted threat metrics. This approach ensures a real-time threat awareness for the Company.


Security Operation Centers use the LABIRINT as an investigation solution. A Company automates its deception and forensic procedures due to comprehensive features. The Company develops LABIRINT MAP in cooperation with the RMRF Deception Unit for threat investigation process taking unique requirements into account. As a result, SOC obtains a flexible instrument and the best RMRF experience.

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