A Distributed Deception Platform

LABIRINT provides an illusion of a real infrastructure to the attacker. It's based on Point - the smart imitation hosts. Each part of the mimic environment reproduces the services and content of a real network segment. LABIRINT provokes the attacker for actions and learns the suspicious activity at the same time. Our experienced professionals are helping to construct the best LABIRINT for complex environments. Its features give powerful capabilities in order to detect targeted Advanced Persistent Threats, BOTNETS, 0-day Attacks and Insiders.

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Deceptive host

Smart host with Intelligent mimic features


Deception network
Multilayered deception network



Deception map
Configures scenarios according to the infrastructure


LABIRINT principles

LABIRINT consists of Points  - smart imitation hosts. It mimics special software services, content, routers, devices etc. Each Point detects all targeted suspicious activities. While the attacker proceeds through the fake aim infrastructure, the LABIRINT captures all of the hostile’s details. The company receives information about threat sources, the tools that were used,  and about exploited vulnerabilities and the attacker’s behavior. In the meantime, the whole real infrastructure continues to work without any impact.