Webinar: Advanced endpoint protection with Traps by Palo Alto Networks

Date: September 11, Tuesday

Time: 11:00 – 12:30 EEST 

Language: Russian


Alexander Krasyukov, Senior Projects Support Engineer at BAKOTECH 

Olha Pasko, Chief Security Analyst at RMRF 

Main webinar audience: CISO/CTO, system administrators, engineers, tech specialists.


Group of companies BAKOTECH and RMRF invite you to attend the webinar dedicated to advanced endpoint protection with Traps by Palo Alto Networks.

At the webinar RMRF and BAKOTECH experts will talk about modern approach to endpoint protection and general security of the organization. Popular intrusion technics will be discussed and working methods of protection will be demonstrated.


Key webinar questions:  

Need of new approach to cybersecurity 

New popular cyberattacks techniques overview (MITRE framework)

Modern Initial access mechanisms overview: phishing, vulnerabilities exploites, Supply Chain Compromise and bypass techniques used by them

Execution mechanisms, that aren’t detected by signature approach: Code signed DDE/macros/ActiveX, Windows API, Windows Administrative Tools, Fileless Malware.Methods of their detection 

Code Signing  as a method of signature and validity check bypass. Detection of malicious code and hacking tools signed by trusted certificates

Multimethod approach of Traps in multivector threats and unknown malicious activities prevention

Protection from hardly detected injection techniques and exploit kits used in such types of threats as ransomware, spyware, supply chain attacks

New generation security platform Palo Alto Networks as a tool for complex approach in cybersecurity

Attendance: free

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