RMRF took part in the workshop “Identifying Illicit Transfers of Proliferation Sensitive Technologies to Iran”

The workshop was taken on 19-20 November in Odessa. During the two-day the participators of the interactive program could explore Iran’s procurement networks, what technical components and materials are targeted by licit and illicit procurements, and who the individuals, companies, and organizations are that engage in illegal transfers of proliferation sensitive items.

The essential part of the program was a roundtable dedicated to well-known cyberthreats discussion. RMRF co-founder Andriy Pastushenko shared Findings from digital forensics/investigations into Iranian APT Groups and comparisons to other APT groups at it.

Mr. Pastushenko noticed: “Iranian APT groups act similarly to the groups identified by us in Ukrainian companies’ infrastructures. In particular, they use penetration mechanics via trusted suppliers”.

RMRF is very proud to collaborate the workshop and express gratitude to CRDF Global for invitation.

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