RMRF Receives Clutch Leader Award for Top Ukrainian IT & Business Services Providers

Something you have probably learned over your lifetime is that not all people are morally good.  There are a lot of people out there and not everyone can be trusted.  In the business world, you need to take caution to ensure those morally bad people don’t have access to data that they shouldn’t have.  That is where RMRF steps in to take control. 


A cybersecurity company based out of Ukraine, RMRF has a team of cybersecurity engineers and penetration testers who specialize in the development of solutions in the field of early cyber threat detection and cyber incidents forensics.  We have found a lot of success in this industry and have been able to secure a lot of businesses.  Because of our efforts, we have been listed as a Clutch Leader in the field of cybersecurity.  


Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews website, continues to increase in credibility due to their efforts in market research and conducting interviews with past clients of companies with a Clutch profile.  The market research and interview process helps the business analysts at Clutch come up with an accurate rating and review for the business in their respective industry and a leader’s matrix is processed.  Below is an example of a review taken by one of our clients on a project we previously completed.

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Maria Lisovenko was extremely detailed in her descriptions of our cybersecurity function and for that we are very grateful.


“They’re professional and attentive to our needs. The clear reports and explanations from their team throughout the project are helpful. We can also use them for consultations whenever needed. Their team is receptive to feedback and communicate well, which is especially useful when they present results to our management.” - Maria Lisovenko, Director ICT, ControlPay B.V.


“We are appreciative that our company is featured by such a trusted platform as Clutch. It is a milestone, that proves the high level of our services and we'll do our best to keep moving on.” – Irina Tolochko, CMO at RMRF


In addition to our positive rating on Clutch’s website, The Manifest, a sister website to Clutch, has listed us as technology experts and one of the leaders in the cybersecurity industry.  Furthermore, Visual Objects, a portfolio sharing website that is also B2B, named RMRF as one of the top service providers in IT and consulting.


We are incredibly thankful for all of our positive reviews left on Clutch, The Manifest, and Visual Objects.  Without these reviews and the helpful partnership we have with these sites, our market recognition would not have taken off like it has.  If you have any questions regarding our mission statement and want to find out more, feel free to reach out via LinkedIn and we will be happy to help!